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Hello, everyone!

 I hope you will enjoy it. This is my first encounter with game development. By day I am a teacher of junior elementary school classes, but despairing about what is happening to education in Poland, I am trying to find a new way of life. I made the game with my brother (he taught me from scratch how to make things) and a small help from his girlfriend. The work took us about 20 h of fun this weekend. It's not perfect but we put a lot of heart into it. 

The game is being created for Sloyd Game Jam #02 with the theme of insomnia. A game was made with Unity, Blender, and Sloyd. Assets come from the Unity Asset Store.

The Dr. Sleepwell game is, as you might guess, about a doctor who specializes in sleep problems. He uses rather unconventional methods of therapy. In order to help his patients he enters their dreams and fixes the elements that may be disturbing them. The doctor takes an individual approach to his patients. Before a sleep session, he conducts an interview in which he gets tips on how to fix a particular dream. 


W/S/A/D - movement

Left Mouse Button - interaction with an object

Space - jump

Objects made using Sloyd: radiator, bookcase, clock, shoe stand, mug.

Have a good game.


DrSleepWell.zip 284 MB


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For a first game, this is really great! Nice mini puzzle game with good visuals.